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Model Railroad Magazines And Other Sources Of Model Railway Inspiration And Ideas

Both kids and adults have enjoyed the hobby of building and playing with model railroads and trains for years. Model railroad magazines provide an avenue for which to meet those model railroad enthusiasts by publishing events and clubs. The magazines are also a source of other information such as the various sets you can build […]

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Bachmann Commander Train Set – Good or Bad?

Bachmann have made it very easy for anyone to get started with model railroading. For about $160 you can buy a great model train set which includes digital command control, something that was more than three times the price a short time ago. But is Bachmann providing enough quality to keep these beginners in the […]

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How to Find Model Train Information

Maybe your doctor has told you to pick up a hobby to lower your blood pressure, maybe a friend mentioned it and it sounds fun. Either way you have decided to look into building your own model train set. This is a perfect hobby to take your time working on and treat it in a […]

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7 Ways to Eliminate Model Train Derailments

Are you frustrated because your model trains derail from time to time? This was a major frustration for me. I would fix one section of the track and the next day the train would derail on another section. It frustrated me to the point of wanting to give the hobby away..! A smooth running model […]

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HO Scale Bachmann 44-tonner

Which Model Train Scale Is Best?

A question I get constantly asked by people considering model trains as their new hobby is “Which model train scale (or gauge) is best?” This is a great question, but, let’s clear up a common mistake model train beginners tend to make… And that is to confuse scale and gauge. I’ll explain… Scale is the […]

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