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Model Railroad Track Plans – Things You Need To Consider

In order to build a model railway, you should first create a model railroad track plan. The railroad track can be prepared in any number of ways but it is all dependent on the detail of your initial layout. The first thing to consider is whether or not you want a three dimensional landscape which […]

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Model Railroad Magazines And Other Sources Of Model Railway Inspiration And Ideas

Both kids and adults have enjoyed the hobby of building and playing with model railroads and trains for years. Model railroad magazines provide an avenue for which to meet those model railroad enthusiasts by publishing events and clubs. The magazines are also a source of other information such as the various sets you can build […]

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Model Railroad Backdrops – How To Improve The Realism Of Your Model Railroad

Model railroad backdrops are a great way to give your railway scene depth, make it look twice as big and add a lot of realism. They seem to bring model train layouts to life. They are often the quickest and easiest way to improve your model railway. You can create your own model railroad backdrop, […]

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Bachmann Commander Train Set – Good or Bad?

Bachmann have made it very easy for anyone to get started with model railroading. For about $160 you can buy a great model train set which includes digital command control, something that was more than three times the price a short time ago. But is Bachmann providing enough quality to keep these beginners in the […]

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How to Find Model Train Information

Maybe your doctor has told you to pick up a hobby to lower your blood pressure, maybe a friend mentioned it and it sounds fun. Either way you have decided to look into building your own model train set. This is a perfect hobby to take your time working on and treat it in a […]

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Scratchbuilding by Larry Summers

What Is Scratchbuilding?

Scratchbuilding is exactly what it says on the tin; building from scratch. True scratchbuilding is done completely using raw materials, from the foundations of your model train layout, to the buildings and detailing you use to decorate your model railway. Rather than using a shop-bought kit, which simply needs assembling, scratchbuilding is the creation of […]

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weathered box car

Weathering Your Model Trains

Why should you weather your model trains? If you are just getting started with model trains, or you have been enjoying this hobby for a long time, there are many different things that you can do to make your model train layout look more realistic. You may have already spent a lot of time making […]

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g-scale model trains

G-Scale Model Trains

G scale model trains have got to be the best all around train size for beginners and experts alike. These trains are bigger than most, at a 1:22 scale, one twenty-second the size of a real train. This means that the train is six inches high and around 27″ long, ideal for children to handle […]

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save money

Model Train Beginners Need This

Model train beginners need clarity! Why do model railroaders need clarity? Because the model train opportunities are endless! You can build a layout in your basement, attic, shed, garage or garden. You can run steam or diesel locomotives. You can have multilevel railways with rivers, dams, mountains, snow… You get the idea! The opportunities are […]

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model train mistakes to avoid

7 Costly Model Train Mistakes

I am about to reveal the top 7 model train mistakes almost all beginners make. I surveyed more than 5,000 readers and was astounded to hear how some of these mistakes had cost the beginners hundreds of dollars and hours of wasted time. Here they are… Mistake # 1 – Too much eagerness and too […]

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HO Scale Bachmann 44-tonner

Which Model Train Scale Is Best?

A question I get constantly asked by people considering model trains as their new hobby is “Which model train scale (or gauge) is best?” This is a great question, but, let’s clear up a common mistake model train beginners tend to make… And that is to confuse scale and gauge. I’ll explain… Scale is the […]

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The Model Train Fat Fingers

A reader emailed asking how they could get past the fat finger syndrome… when trying to hold and work on their model train models. The answer is a simple Rubbermaid turntable. These come in different sizes and I find them perfect to build my models on… turning the turntable as I go along. When I’m […]

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best deals

Model Railroad Discounts And Best Deals In The United States

We’ve assembled some of the best deals we could find in the United States on eBay. You will see why building a model railroad doesn’t have to be an expensive hobby. Just click the links below to see what is on offer… General Model Railroad (general) | DCC Systems & Accessories | Live Steam | Magazines G Scale […]

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