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How To Have a Custom Model Railroad Builder Build A Model Train Layout For You

An alternative to creating your own model train layout is to pay a custom model railroad builder to build a custom model railroad for you.

They will build a complete model train layout for you, from start to finish, based on your space, budget and requirements. Or, maybe you just want the benchwork built, with the landscape professionally completed and the track laid, so you can take it from there.

There are many companies out there that will discuss your needs with you and then create a custom model railway (or part of) that suits your needs.

Most of these custom model railway builders will do a great job, but there are a few things you need to watch out for:

1) Never make a choice based on price.

It is a trick of the trade to offer the lowest price and then make up the money with extras. Read the quotation carefully and make sure every detail is covered, leaving no openings for the custom model railway builder to add in extras that were not originally quoted for.

2) Always choose a custom model railroad builder on their reputation.

Google will help with this. Google the company or builder’s name and see what comes up. If they are reputable there will be good comment after good comment on the internet. If there are no comments that is a bad sign. With social media like Facebook a client that is happy with their new model railway will be commenting and uploading photos to the internet. The same applies if they are not happy.

3) Set a completion date

Model railway builders are in demand and it can be frustrating to have to wait months or even years to get your completed product. Ask them to include the completion date in your accepted contract. I have heard of custom model railroad builders including a discount if they are not completed by the completion date promised.

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This video features some of the highlights and operations of a professionally built model railroad. The layout was designed and constructed by Pop’s Custom Model Railroads, LLC. Creators of Fine Scale Museum Quality Model Railroads. You will be amazed at the amount of detail found. Enjoy watching a train as it enters an arrival track and a locomotive rolls through engine servicing and takes a trip on the turntable.

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