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How To Build A Model Train Table And Model Railroad Benchwork

Do you want to build a model train table for your child’s Thomas set or the benchwork for your own model railroad?

Either way, you will need a good set of plans with step by step instructions, and a little skill. The only skill you require is to read a basic set of instructions and use a drill and screwdriver.

Building a model train table is a fun exercise and most people have a lot of fun building it, even though they had never completed a woodworking project previously. It is one of the easiest woodworking tasks you will ever complete.

Most of the materials can be sourced very easily from your Home Depot. They will even cut the timber to the size you require and supply all the glue, screws, paint and other materials you will need. All good plans will provide a cutting list of materials which you provide to Home depot to supply.

However, the trick to building a model train table that will last, is to make it sturdy. A strong table or bench will stand the test of time and avoid headaches in the future.

If you are building the table for your son or daughter, there will be times when they (or their friends) will attempt to stand, or sit on the model train table. You don’t want it collapsing underneath them and possibly hurting them.

If you are building model railroad benchwork for your own use, then there will be times when you will have to put all, or most of your weight, on the table to fix a derailed train or some other problem that is hard to reach.

Model railway table plans usually cater for this, however some people make the mistake of taking the plans for a child’s model train table and scaling them up to create a model railroad bench. The problem with this, is that the construction may not take your weight when you stretch over to fix that derailment.

There are many books that cover the different ways of building a train table and model railroad benchwork. They contain pictures and illustrations, as well as charts listing how much overhang and length certain timber can handle. This is important information to have.

I cover how to build a model train table and model railroad benchwork in my popular model railway newsletter.

You will need a few basic tools to build your table, like a tape measure, screwdriver and drill. Sandpaper is required to sand the edges and a paint brush to paint the table or benchwork the color you require.

This is a project you can complete by yourself on a Saturday afternoon and makes a great gift for any child showing an interest in trains.

Building a model train table is a fun exercise that almost anyone can easily do. Give it a go, I guarantee you’ll be very proud of yourself when you finish it!

More information at www.buildmodelrailroad.com


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