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Dave’s Model Train Layout After 2 Years Of Work

Dave has built an amazing model train layout over the years. Have a look at the video below which was taken in 2009 after 2 years of work on his model train layout.

We often get emails from frustrated beginners who are complaining about how long it takes to plan a model train layout and get it finished… I just shake my head when I read them. It’s the “I want it now” mentality that ruins the enjoyment that could be had.

A model train layout is never finished… As Dave has demonstrated! 

Enjoy the adventure… That’s why building a model train layout is such an amazing hobby. Look at the amount of fun Dave has had since about 2007.

Click the video and turn up your speakers and enjoy. And please comment below and share it with your friends and family…

Please comment below…

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About Dan Morgan

Dan Morgan is on a mission to encourage more people to give model railroading a go... There is just no better hobby in the world!

31 Responses to “Dave’s Model Train Layout After 2 Years Of Work”

  1. Hobbyists and model railroad fans have been collecting and \”playing\” with Lionel trains since 1900. If you have acquired an older set of Lionel trains, successfully powering up the tracks will only require a few minutes of your time.

  2. Hermanmiskelly Reply Sun at 11:23 am

    Can’t believe you did all of that outstanding work in only two years.  I’m disheartened with mine.

  3. A true Artist that knows his Craft and Loves his hobby in what we see

  4. Chuck Bridgwater Reply Tue at 5:59 pm


  5. If this is 2 yrs work, Dave is a tremendous train modeler with alot of skills. It is a thrill to see his videos and skill in building his empire.

  6. Guillermo Reply Wed at 8:37 am

    Hi Dave. Very nice work endeed. I am beginning with my new layout, and I pickup a lot of information from your film. I’ll send you a film with six months of work.  Guillermo, from the Patagonia Argentina

  7. not  bad for 2 years worth of work, not bad at all.

  8. Thank you all for your comments , to answer a few , the layout now is at 28ft. x 8ft  and like a lot I still keep making changes and trying to improve , but as you saw at the end I started small , then just kept going , a great Hobby that all ages can enjoy 

  9. G Logan950 Reply Sun at 7:06 pm

    Dave your layout is an inspiration. I had the Bachmann Dynamis but the flourescent lights in my garage interfered with it so I have sold it and am about to buy the NCE Powerhouse Pro. Your detail is fantastic, buildings and scenery. Also your sound locos are very realistic, well done Dave, more videos please.

    •  I have herd other say the same , but I also have flourescent lights and not experienced that problem , thank you for your comment

  10. I really enjoyed the video!  I was especially happy to see some of your controls for the switches, etc.  It’s a great layout and the sound effects really add a lot.  John

  11. Looks good, can see a lot of work done.  Keep up the good work.

  12. Dr Bruce King Reply Sun at 7:19 am

    Hi Dan
    Like all modeling, railway model  is a multidimensional activity. On the one hand  it translates ones impressions – memories – reflections from the abstract into a more or less dynamic, albeit miniaturized reality.  On another plane moments of ones dream(s) are given three dimensional shapes. On yet in other aspects modeling represents challenges with ones self, that is growing skills – visualization – researching for solutions
    and the sense of achievements and even pride and peer group acknowledgement notwithstanding sacrifices in limited time and discretionary liquidity.
    But enough philosophizing for now, safe to say that the common bond binding all modellers are the many dedicated hours we all spend achieving personal satisfaction through the use of our own hands, minds and interests.
    Dr Bruce

  13. Great Job, Have been working on mine for several years, still no where near the quility you have but can run trains on part of it. It’s sometimes hard to figure how everything will go togeather, I have pictures in my mind it’s just getting it to work on the tables. 

    • Hermanmiskelly Reply Sun at 11:27 am

      Same here.  I have it all pictured in my mind but have difficulty bringing it to realization.

  14. Beautiful layout Dave keep up the good work.

  15. Bomarbender7 Reply Sun at 4:05 am

    The video was wonderful!!  We started two years ago and we have nothing like that.  We made ours for our grandchildren and the can play with it.  They put thier small cars on the street and and animals .  It is for them and we let them touch and run the train.  You have really created a work of art.  Maybe some day, when the kids are older, we can have a train like yours.  Wonderfu!!  Wonderful!!
    Marge from Colo.

  16. I agree with you Dan being a  beginner myself there is the desire to get your trains running but I soon found out the joy is in the building.From laying track to all the scenery I would be lost if it went to quickly,the joy for me is the building just enjoy

  17. Bobr_44685 Reply Sun at 2:12 am

    Dave’s work is a marvel. Scenery, structures, roads, vehicles and operation is terrific. It makes me anxious to get my layout up and running again.

  18. Alice ridden Reply Sun at 12:52 am

    I loved watching your vid, I think I will enjoy my new hobby, although the trains are size O and will have to limit my enthusiasm, as I only have a cut down cardboard box   3ft x 18″.
      The buildings look so realistic, you are v. clever Dave  :))

  19. Great Video I hope some day To start My Layout on a smaller scale.

  20. Dave, your video was awesome and very inspiring.  I am a grandmother who is hoping to help her 8-year-old grandson (with Asperger’s Syndrome) develop a love of model railroading.  My late brother had a wonderful layout in the basement of our home back in the 50’s that he built with the help of my dad, and although I loved those trains as a girl I was never allowed to work with them – it wasn’t “cool” back then for girls to like trains.  Now I get to do what I couldn’t do then – live vicariously through my grandson.  We are starting small – a 4’x8′ table in a spare room – with O gauge trains, some of which belonged to my brother!  I am SO excited and I hope that enthusiasm rubs off on Daniel.  If not I can live my dream!  Wish me luck…

  21. Jflagstick64 Reply Sat at 10:04 pm

    Great vidro!!!  Can you tell me something about the gauge and size of the layout…It is your own design or prototype..Hey I am in this for good and it seems by this video that you have done a wonderful job in just two years..Thanks for all your help and advice..We talk again!

  22. Papa Anka Reply Sat at 9:58 pm

    That is a lot of hard fun/work.  Great job.  I’m still in the planning stage.  This is something to shoot for.

  23. I started with my Grandson in December 2010. In December 2011 we started our addition which necessitated an almost complete “remodel” to accomodate the addition.  Of course at this time we decided since we were now “pros” we had to redo our mountain and tunnels and add track to include the “over/unders” we now have.  It is truly the journey …..not the destination which makes this the greatest hobby in the world.  One must be willing to accept that this combination of carpentry, electrical, physics, math, common sense, problem-solving skills, history and of course ………………..Creativity are what make the results so rewarding.  Of course if you are as fortunate as I am to have a child or grandchild who becomes wide-eyed at the changes or accomplishments you’ve made so much the better!  Don’t give up when you encounter a problem that seems unsolvable – walk away – I’ll bet the answer reveals itself as it has many times for me!!

  24. I think he has done a marvellous job in getting this far in just two years.  Congratulations.
    Most model railways NEVER really get “finished”.  I have been building- and modifying – my layout for over fifteen years now, and I still have plans to change it some more.

    Peter in N scale

  25. Thanks for sharing this video it gives a great view overall of the many hours of hard work given to producing such a great layout, I am restarting mine now due to personal circumstances and one day who knows my own efforts will bear fruit once more, thanks once more

  26. Sorry about the quality of the film , but you need to watch to the end to see how I started back in 2007, and of course camera`s where not as good back then 

  27. Don H. in South Dakota Reply Sat at 2:59 pm

    This is a great train layout. And I know it took more than just a few days to build. I have been working on my layout for over two years now and it is getting big, but the my first bench is still being worked on and improved. It is a life time hobby and will continue until I’m gone. My wife is afraid of that and what she is going to do with it. How will she be able to get it out of the attic?

  28. Fred Humphries Reply Sat at 2:11 pm

    Great work Dave. My “N” gauge layout has been a “work in progress” for a souple of yaers now & is still “bare bones”, not even hard wired yet,scenery some some time off yet.Other home/garden work takes precedence.Still, that’s the beauty of model railroading I think.(And always remember…Rome wasn’t built in a day!) Or so we are led to believe!

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