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About Dan Morgan

Dan Morgan is on a mission to encourage more people to give model railroading a go... There is just no better hobby in the world!

6 Responses to “Building an N-scale Layout”

  1. Len warner Reply Fri at 5:46 pm

    Great job.Where do you get all the patiance?

  2. Debrewer7 Reply Fri at 3:43 pm

    nice layout the trains were running a bit to fast. How long did it take to complete this masterpiece?

  3. Nice layout. On the video the trains were running a bit too fast for prototype operation and where did the steam whistle and chugging come from? No from all those diesels.

  4. Well done,It’s great to see local icons on a layout. The Dicks drive-in not only makes me hungry, it also suggests that this layout is somewhere in my neighborhood (the NW) So I’m off to lunch @ Dicks drive-in.

    • Ninja_rob Reply Fri at 2:53 am

      lol – must be lot’s of Dick’s around as I thought it placed it in NE Pennsylvania with the Dick’s in Easton!

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